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Group-Caleb, Busoye, Imani, Kefira, Camille


Lessons Learned-

This past week fifth graders celebrated with Super Hero Day, Career Day, Character Day, (choosing favorite character), Pajama Day, and attending a basketball game at the University of Maryland. Victory for UMD.    These activities have undoubtedly impacted students’ understanding that success brings joy, excitement, and celebration. As we move towards the Thanksgiving Break, please take a moment to explain, and show our students that we can learn even while we are having fun. For example, show the connection of STEM/Literacy as you plan, shop and fulfill the requirements for you and your families’ celebration. Valuable lessons can be learned from making these ‘real life’ connections.

Our November Students of the Month: – Oluwabusoye Okunuga and Genesis Edwards

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving Holiday! Mrs. L. Watkis

Science Bowl Club Competes on Nov. 29th


We are greatly pleased to announce that CMIT-ES will compete in PGCPS’ 2016 Science Bowl Competition. The 5th graders in the picture, Jonathan P., Zaveon G., and Toluwani A (front row) will be competing. Stanislaus V. and Cory W. (back row) will serve as alternates. The live taping and competition date is Tuesday, November 29. It will air on local television on January 23-29, 2017.

Thank you, parents, for allowing your future Scientist to remain after school to participate in the Science Bowl Club and for studying at home! We wish our contestants great success, but above all, we want them to have FUN — Go… TIGERS!

Ms. Cooper & Ms. Ahmed

Science Bowl Club Team!



Dear Parents,

Thanks for signing up and attending Parent Teacher Conferences this past Friday, November 11. I apologize if you were unable to sign up due to limited time slots. If you have a compelling issue to discuss, please call the front office and schedule an appointment with Mrs. Virgil.

Thanks so much for all you do to support  teaching and learning.

Mrs Watkis.

Change to PGCPS’ Charter School Lottery for 2017-2018

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

Mrs. Loretta White Khaalid, Charter School Liaison to PGCPS, will be holding a parent meeting here at CMIT-ES on November 17 at 7:00p.m. She will review the changes and address questions at this time.

The PGCPS Charter School Lottery is live. This is particularly important for your 5th grade families. If you are interested in continuing to CMIT North or CMIT South as 6th graders- you must re-enter the lottery for the specific school of choice. This is a new provision as a result of the recent change in the Maryland Charter School Law that allows “only 35%” of the currently enrolled 5th graders to automatically enroll as continuing 6th students at CMIT North or CMIT South. Therefore, CMIT Elementary parents of 5th grade students are to be informed that continuity is not guaranteed and they are strongly encouraged to apply to the 6th grade program at CMIT North and/or CMIT South to ensure they receive a spot.

Administrative Procedure 3506.1 is below for your review.

Administrative Procedure 3506.1. – Public Charter Schools Lottery Process (9.1.16) (7).pdf

Mrs. Dubon, CMIT-ES’ Secretary
6151 Chevy Chase Dr, Laurel, MD 20707
Tel: (240) 573-7240 | Fax: (240) 547-2571

A Day of Learning at the Museum!

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 Starting with the bus ride, students had a high time as we made our way to visit the newly opened, African American History and Culture Museum in downtown, D.C. It was a sight observing as students read the details of each exhibit. While they dearly enjoyed the sports gallery, “The Hope School” exhibit captivated the students. Teachers watched as students read the history of the school with awe! Parents, please continue the discussion with your scholar about what they saw and what it means for the past, the present, and their futures.

Ms. Cooper

Group Project – States of Matter


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In Science, researches and explorations require money, vast knowledge in Mathematics, time, experiments, and collaboration. Recently, three Physicists’ (David J. Thouless, Duncan Haldane, and J. Michael Kosterlitz) were awarded the “2016 Nobel Physics Prize” for their contribution to the field of Quantum Physics. The three used Mathematics in their discoveries of rare forms of Matter, which will be used to advance Technology and/or Medicine.

For this project, students will randomly be assigned groups to research Thouless, Duncan, and Kosterlitz’s work that led to the winning of the Nobel Prize. The objective is for students to recognize the link between Mathematics and Science while recalling information about States of Matter and properties (pp. 579-640.) Thus, students should focus on the Physicists’ WORK only. The project is due, Monday, November 21st (No Late Projects will be Accepted.) as follows:

  • Write a One-Page report about Thouless, Duncan, and Kosterlitz’s discoveries
    • Answer – What is Quantum Physics?
  • Topology – What is it? — Think of Atoms changing shape
  • Topological Phase Transitions (When a substance changes its properties)
    • Focus on Temperature, Magnetic Force, Texture, Color, Odor, etc.
  • Topological Phases of Matter (How Matter Changes in layers)
    • Focus on Solids, Liquids, Gases, Mass, Volume, Particles, etc.
  • Practical Applications (How will it be used in the future?)
    • Example: Quantum Computers and Coding
  • Use a model OR 3-D on a Tri-fold board (any materials can be used)