A new grouping structure is being implemented in Math, to offer students additional support. In the past, students collaborated at their individual tables as the teacher moved from table-to-table. This was because it was evident that the students were pretty much in the same place in their knowledge of Topic One.

However, students were informed since week one that they will move into groups based on individual abilities, at the End of Topic One’s Assessment. On Friday, we completed the assessment. The data offers the opportunity to differentiate instruction, as the topic will be re-taught in small groups.

Students, however, will still be required to retain and demonstrate learning for Topic Two, as they prepare to re-take Topic One Assessment at the end of October. Students who mastered Topic One will focus on Topic Two only!

Students are showing progress as they adjust to the new learning structure and expectations. Thanks to our parents for partnering in their student’s learning!


Ms. Cooper
Health, Math, and Science

This Week In View

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5th grade will be using Study Island to complete their math and science homework; however, until access is given, please create an account through, if you’re interested as we wait for Study Island.

In math, we are still covering “Understanding Place Value.” The lessons under that “TOPIC” this week includes:

__ Base / Exponent
__ Expanded Form
__ Standard Form
__ Number Name
__ Understand Whole Number
__ Rounding Decimals (introduction)

In Science, students are learning about the inner and outer planets to include the following vocabulary words: Solar system, Orbit, comet, asteroid, gravity, axis, and revolution.

Lastly, for Character Education, 5th grade has covered the following two weekly words: compassion and perseverance. This week, our word of focus is dedication. These words are used to encourage students despite any difficulties.

Please send me a message via Class Dojo if you have any questions.

Thank you for your partnership!

Ms. Cooper

First Week of School

This week, we have begun reviewing school and class rules/expectations. In math, students started working on deepening their understanding of place value. In science, students are learning about our Solar System. A homework packet was sent home on Tuesday with a 2016-2017 Publicity Release form. Homework is due on Fridays with a parent signature. Our vocabulary quiz is tomorrow.

On Monday, August 29, students will begin their Pre-Assessments for Math, Science, and Language Arts (ELA). This include MAP Testing for Reading and Math. The objective for the assessments is to determine students’ knowledge.

Please ensure that your child gets plenty of rest and come prepared to listen, participate in learning, act responsibly, and respect themselves and others. There are a lot of topics that will be covered this year, so full cooperation is expected each day and by every student!

Please check our grade level website from time to time for future news and updates and visit Class Dojo to see how your child is doing in class.

Thank you,

The 5th Grade Team